About Us

Have you been struggling to find quality coders?  Do you find the cost of coding rising with big box companies?

In speaking to hospital administrators and medical coders, it was evident there was a need for a “boutique” way of bridging the outsourcing between the two.  Medical providers are aggravated with the high overhead of big outsourcing companies passed on to them.  Medical coders are frustrated with communication paths between their companies and them.  This prompted On Call Coding to emerge.  Our focus is not to grow into the huge big box company with massive overhead.  Rather, a boutique focus on delivering an elite group of highly trained and experienced coders at an efficient cost to clients.

We are a boutique outsourcing resource for medical coding and business consulting.  Our goal is not to expand to massive proportions, rather to develop a specialized group of quality people, without the high overhead of big box companies.  This affords us the ability to bring expert outsourcing resources for a cost savings to our clients.  Our expert coders are strategically screened to validate they are experienced and efficient.  In addition, our on staff compliance director adheres to stringent guidelines to make sure all coders are fine tuned.  Training tune ups are conducted quarterly at no cost to our clients to keep all coders fine tuned.  Delivering exceptional skills is our focus.

Our clients are the number one priority.  We accommodate each client’s needs individually.  Whether a nursing home, hospital or practitioners office we will bring expert , professional coders you can rely on at a cost affording you the ability to meet your budget requirements.  Our coders work remotely or on site.

If you have been struggling to find medical coders with the expertise you need and the efficiency you require with reliability you deserve, contact On Call Coding!